Save money and trees – rent your textbooks!

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve spent thousands of dollars on textbooks. 

When the semester was over, the bookstore offered me pennies on the dollar to just give them back so they could re-sell it next year. Well today you no longer have to fall victim to your local bookstore. You can rent your books online through companies like Chegg. They claim that on average they help students save $500 a Year on Textbooks

Now I know you really wanted to wait in the 2 hour lines when everyone and their mother is trying to snag their copy of Introductory Thermodynamics. And don’t forget the extraordinary pleasure you receive by carrying the 250lbs of books a half mile back to your dorm.

In any case, if you’re willing to sacrifice these wonderful experiences, give books rentals a shot.
Ok fine, I’ll drop the sarcasm… in all seriousness, with all the global warming (due to textbook manufacturing and revisions) and all of the efforts to save dough with the state of the economy, book rentals are the perfect solution. Lets face it, you’ll even save money on summer storage since you won’t have to keep all the books that they won’t buy back!

Feel free to post comments about your textbook fees. 


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