Be Lazy, Work or Study Abroad!

Well now that school is out and summer is moving right along, what is next? For some, its relaxing for the rest of the break, for others might be a summer internship. But many students are planning their next semester or year in a study abroad program.

Nearly 262,000 american students studied abroad in 2007/08
And this number is only expected to rise as the trend for globalization increases. Some schools and programs even require that a certain amount of credits be attained through study abroad programs.
So while you’re out enjoying the opportunity of a lifetime at one of the destinations below,make sure you can rest assured that your belongings are secure back stateside. Dorm Room Movers, will pick up your belongings, store them for however long you need and deliver everything back to you whenever you return.
Top 10 Destinations for U.S. Students Studying Abroad
Data source: IIENetwork’s OpenDoors 2009: Report on International Educatiochange.
Country # of students in 2007/08 % of total students abroad in 2007/08
1. United Kingdom 33,333 12.7%
2. Italy 30,670 11.7%
3. Spain 25,212 9.6%
4. France 17,336 6.7%
5. China 13,165 5.0%
6. Australia 11,042 4.2%
7. Mexico 9,928 3.8%
8. Germany 8,253 3.1%
9. Ireland 6,881 2.6%
10. Costa Rica 6,096 2.3%
Total # of U.S. students
abroad in top 10 countries:
161,916 out of 262,416 61.7% of total U.S. students abroad
Source: OpenDoors 2009: Report on International Educational Exchange. IIENetwork.
Source:, Study Abroad

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