Logistic Details of Dorm Room Movers During Move Out Season

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer vacation! At Dorm Room Movers, we’ve been busy little bees picking up your boxes and either storing them for the summer or shipping them out to you. Just to give you some perspective, just this week alone, we’ve had 720 pick-ups! Needless to say, our Logistics team is working diligently to ensure everything goes smooth. 

At the end of every season, we reevaluate our performance to identify what went well and what areas we can improve on, so then we can take the knowledge for the next season. The largest draw is your feedback, and you can’t even begin to imagine how invaluable that is. On the vendor side, we use our proprietary technology to track all moving parts of the process, so everything is accounted for. 

You know that saying, “Team work makes the dream work?” That couldn’t be any more true, all because we were students once that lived in the dorms like you. No more hassle or stress, just ease and convenience.