What to Expect During Your First Week of College

How exciting! The new school year is about to begin! Here’s what to expect during your first week of college.


There will definitely be a high level of excitement flowing  inside the residence halls. Throughout the week, Resident Assistants will put on hall-wide social events for residents to attend so that you can meet everyone else living in your dorm. 

We highly encourage you to go to these events so that you can learn about the people living in the dorm. Who knows what type of connections may blossom? You could walk away with a new friendship,  a great study buddy, or dare I say, a new romantic relationship. 


You can expect there to be lots of introductions, syllabus talks and setting expectations for what’s to come. Some Professors are bold enough to actually go through the first lesson on the first day of class. Once you’ve collected your syllabi, go ahead and sync that up with your calendar. Organization will be the key to managing your course loads. 


Convocations and a first football game will probably be the biggest events that Freshmen students will attend. Other campus events, such as Greek Life and Clubs/Organizations recruiting, will be on full display as well. 

College is a tight-knit community, and you’ll be surprised by just how many different things will be going on during the first week of college. Eventually, after exploring your options, you’ll find your niche. Take your time, learn, and be open to all types of new opportunities and ideas. College is  not just about what you learn in your lectures – it’s also about expanding your knowledge and horizons. Good luck out there!