Getting to know your dorm neighbors

Now that you’ve settled into your dorm room, here’s your chance  to get to know your dorm mates outside your hall mates. Here, we’ve listed some main reasons why you should start mingling with other students on campus now:

  1. Making friends, of course! Maybe you’ll become best of friends or not, but that’s completely okay. Whether you stay acquaintances or develop a deep bond, having vast connections is never a bad thing. In fact, creating camaraderie can lead to endless possibilities—maybe you’ll find out you’re in the same class as someone else, or perhaps you’ll be invited to some social or networking events, etc. 
  2. Become part of a larger community to build and strengthen the bonds of friendship between each student living in the dorm. Try to think of it like a pep rally. Get innovative with your ideas and who knows what fun you could accomplish as a team! My dorm was able to go to Disneyland together because we all worked together to make it happen.
  3. The dorm has the potential to become a  living, breathing source of fun if the students living together wish and strive to achieve it. Everyone takes pride in living in their dorm, and anyone who is commuting or not living on campus will want to live there, or visit you often, at the very least. 

Maybe I’m speaking from a place of nostalgia from when I lived in the Residence Halls all those years ago, but those years gave me fantastic memories. I’m not saying you have to befriend everyone you meet, but try to be friendly. The future version of yourself will thank you for it.