What is a Resident Assistant?

As we march closer to move in day, you’re going to hear/read more about Resident Assistants. Resident Assistants (RAs) are trained, college-aged mentors. Most of the time, they’re sophomores and juniors. They help to create a supportive and safe environment for students living in the residence halls.

RAs can be an immensely helpful resource, especially for first-year students making the tough transition to living on their own. They hold many responsibilities, including facilitating dorm activities and helping to resolve conflicts between roommates. RAs also help to ensure that on campus residents follow all community rules and standards.

Get to know your Resident Assistant. They’re there to assist (the word is right there in their job title) you with anything you need, and they’re super friendly. I know this because I was an RA for three years, which is extremely rare. RAs usually hold a wing meeting or do a social gathering to break the ice. I hosted dinners during my tenure.

Being an RA for three years was truly a privilege and an honor. I got to meet so many brilliant people, and being the social butterfly that I am, I never   came close to being bored. When you move in this fall, don’t be afraid to say hi to your friendly neighborhood RA.

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