Spring Semester Expectations

For sophomores, juniors and seniors, spring semester is just another semester to power through, but a different story for freshmen because of one simple thing, spring break. Not to say sophomores, juniors, and seniors aren’t excited for spring break, they know what to expect

How does one stay focused when spring break is the one thing to look forward to for the entire school year? 

  • Classes are harder – stay engaged in the lectures, ask questions, talk to the teacher assistant and visit office hours
  • Time management – don’t spend too much time planning spring break. It’ll come together in the end. 
  • No assumptions – don’t expect your professors to be lenient one to two weeks before spring break. Some do, but don’t come to expect it, or you’ll be incredibly disheartened. 
  • Expect the worst – a plan or parts of a plan will fall through. Learn how to be flexible
  • Follow the “work hard, play harder” mantra – set yourself up for success early in the semester, so you’re able to reward yourself later. Study hard, get good grades, and the rewards will come.

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