Dorm Room Movers Status Update

Hello 2022! We hope that you’re enjoying the new year. With everything going on right now, we wanted to chime in and give you a tiny glimpse into what we have planned for the upcoming Spring Semester. – specifically regarding the Omicron variant starting to take a foothold across the country. 

Dorm Room Movers has begun to ramp up our operations to prepare for end-of-the-semester move outs. In 2020, we modified and tailored our processes to suit the pandemic. For example, we offered Zoom calls between movers and students to verify the boxes being picked up. 

In 2021, we were able to work more efficiently, which  eased the stress between Residence Life, students, and parents. Zoom calls were replaced by in person moves again.

Now, the Omicron variant has arrived to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans. The variant is forcing schools to pivot once more in order to bend and flex  their health and safety protocols surrounding the unknown. Many campuses have announced that they will be remote for the first two weeks of Spring Semester.

Because of what we learned in 2020, Dorm Room Movers will be  able to pivot and adapt faster, making us fully prepared for emergency move outs if needed. Please refer to your specific campus’ Residence Life for move out updates. 

Stay healthy and safe out there, everyone!

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