Coming Home for the Holidays!

Congratulations! You survived finals! Now, your next step is to head home for a well-deserved break! As you make your way back home for the holidays, you may notice that everything feels the same but also different, somehow. That’s because things have changed since you were last home. Or at least, you have changed. 

Like a plant in the sun, you grew while you were at school. You’ve likely met new people and tried new things. Simply by doing this, you’ve most certainly gained new perspectives, and that’s what growth is all about. Ideally, your home gave you a solid foundation to work with, and you were able to build upon it as you went through fall semester at your campus / home away from home.

Remember the beginning of the semester? Wow, you’ve accomplished so much since then. Yes, you! You know you’ve changed, and you will continue to do so as you forge ahead on your collegiate path. Remember that although it may seem daunting at times, change can be a good thing. Don’t ever stop learning and continue to keep your mind open to new experiences.

After all of that hard work studying and taking your final exams, you and your glorious brain have more than earned a break. So, be sure to enjoy your vacation however you see fit. Of course, there will be time spent celebrating the holidays, and that’s great! Don’t forget to squeeze some self-care into your routine while you’re home. 

Maybe you want to spend your time catching up on all the sleep you missed pulling those all-nighters, prepping for exams. Perhaps you want to spend time with the family and friends that you’ve missed dearly while you were away at school. You might finally have time to start that Netflix show you’ve been eyeing and give it the proper binge-watching that it deserves. Or, perhaps you want to curl up with a good book near the fireplace. These are just a few ideas to get those vacation vibes flowing. 

However, you spend your winter break, you’ll be golden if you remember to practice the three R’s – rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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