And here we go… finals!

Hello and welcome to the endgame of your Fall Semester! The last obstacles to overcome are those dreaded finals. You’ve probably heard countless stories from your parents, friends, and everyone else in between about the long nights  they spent studying for anxiety-inducing final exams. 

Fear not my friend, for we’re here to ease your stress. Here are a few things to consider before going into finals week. 

  • Everyone’s study habits are different. Regardless of your studying style,  one thing is for certain – staying up all night is not the way to play this academic game (contrary to popular belief). Getting proper rest and sound sleep is critical to retaining information. If you’re the type of person that can pull an all-nighter and still do relatively well, then kudos to you – you deserve a buffet of sorts.
  • Utilize office hours to clear up any confusion on the topic with your professor, and maybe even gain  insight to the test (not always guaranteed). 
  • Study groups can be beneficial to gain a new perspective on the topic from your peers.
  • Eat relatively healthy. We understand top ramen is the go-to because college students are on a budget, but your brain will need all the energy it can get, so eat up. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

As always, listen to your instincts and the things you’ve learned over the course of your Fall Semester. You’ve come so far since the beginning of the school year. You will do well and succeed. Best wishes everyone!

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