Halloween in the Dorm

The energy and excitement with Halloween in the residence hall is immense. Some Dorm Rooms participate in decorating contests – either in an internal wing by wing contest or in a campus wide contest with each residence hall competing. Other Dorms build haunted houses  and some Dorms even do the old fashion trick or treating inside the hall, which sounds a little silly, but it’s all in service of the spirit of Halloween. 

My first year in college, my dorm room hosted a Halloween party filled with games and a costume contest and everyone in the dorm room came down to celebrate.  Being the social butterfly that I am, I took advantage of the opportunity to meet folks that I hadn’t had a chance to meet simply because of timing and the fact that they lived across the building from me. 

Now that I’m writing this blog, I realize that I’ve yet to pick out my Halloween costume. Participate in your dorm room’s Halloween events. Your experience of living in the residence halls is short, so take advantage of the opportunities in front of you while you still can.

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