Utilizing Office Hours

This week, we’re going to talk about something that might sound all too familiar. To set the scene – you’re struggling to grasp the topics conveyed in a  lecture. You’ve done research, talked to classmates, and triple checked your notes, but nothing is clicking or sticking. Your only option left is going to office hours. However, you’re a bit unsure whether it’ll be worth your time. Does any of this resonate with you? 

Remember, you will never know until you try. 

Office hours are great for two things: 

  1. Getting personalized explanations of said topics in a much quieter setting, rather than a  massive lecture hall where the topics are explained in a broad setting.
  2. Building a rapport with your professor and possible network connections down the road.

Personally, I utilized office hours once or twice for my organic chemistry class since it was an extremely difficult subject for me. By investing time in office hours, my test scores improved. 

Everyone learns differently, so don’t forget to use the resources at hand to help you succeed in your academics.

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