Preparing for Emergency Move Outs

Forecasting future events in the era of COVID-19 is difficult to manage. It’s hard to make plans and prepare for what’s to come when everything remains so vastly unknown and therefore, unforeseeable. In an effort to reduce bottlenecks and stress, it’s best to be ready for the possibility of potential emergency move outs in the future. Dorm Room Movers is both well-suited and well-equipped to help students move out quickly and safely. We have enacted new features and logistical practices to ensure the health and safety of our movers as well as any  students using our services.

Part of the strategy is to register with Dorm Room Movers early on. Registering early will give you ample time to receive your supply kit that contains five boxes and tape. These contents are for your convenience so that you don’t have to struggle to find packing supplies on your own at the last minute. Additionally, you can look ahead in our “Featured Dates Calendar” to reserve days for pick ups. You can always change it later once you have an exact date for a move out. 

A new feature we’ve introduced due to COVID-19 is the use of Zoom calls with our movers. Both student and mover alike are now able to remotely verify and confirm the boxes being picked up. Prior to COVID-19, someone had to be physically present to sign off for the boxes.

We have implemented all of these changes in order to make your life easier and keep you safe. Remember, at the end of the day – we are here for you. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. 

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