When This Is Over

What will society look like on a post-pandemic planet? While it may feel like it’s been forever, it really wasn’t too long ago that the world was introduced to COVID-19 – a vicious and voracious virus that changed life as we knew it. This global threat forced us all to  move hastily  into quarantine, as well as implement public health and safety measures in the hopes of slowing the spread. 

With fall semester 2020 behind us, universities all across the nation have learned an awful lot  about how to operate as a campus during this pandemic. To name just a few examples; teachers had to rebuild their courses from the ground up, college campuses were tasked with heavily modifying their academic calendar, and students were required to find a way to learn remotely. 

As we reflect on the innovations of 2020, we find ourselves wondering –  how many  of these changes and modifications will stick around after the pandemic is over? From the remote learning perspective, we could very well see more online classes convert from courses that weren’t historically remote, or at least some kind of hybrid learning model combining both in-class and online education (especially on campuses that have a high number of international students). At Dorm Room Movers, we’re looking at sticking to one of our new logistical processes beyond the pandemic. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly safe to say that society wants very much to go back to some  semblance of normalcy, and while we mostly agree to that sentiment, the question that remains is this – after living under the thumb of this pandemic for so long, what is the definition of “normal” now? We know many people wish for a complete return to pre-pandemic normalcy. We understand that this desire and the nostalgia that comes along with it is a natural part of human nature. However, perhaps this is a part of the problem. Instead of focusing on returning to our previous conception of what normal used to be, maybe it is time for us to redefine what normal means to us now. In the end, we must remember that everything is relative, and the idea of what is “normal” depends heavily on perception. 

Nobody likes change – because the unknown can be scary – but regardless of our feelings about it, the fact remains that change is one of the only constants in life.  For now, we all have our parts to play. It’s imperative that we continue to practice social distancing, wear our masks, and have consideration for each other. While we may be separated physically for now, we must all work together as a team in order to combat this pandemic.  

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