A to-do list before Thanksgiving

In just a week and a half, students living on campus will depart for Thanksgiving and will not return until spring semester 2021. Here’s a quick little to-do list to ensure you’re ready to go.

  • Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, it’s best to begin the packing process. Start with packing non everyday essentials, like photos, posters, shirts and shoes you barely wear, etc. 
  • Do not sell your books yet, since finals will be taken remotely in December. Check with your school’s finals schedules. 
  • Not a shameless plug, but if you need assistance with storage or shipping, Dorm Room Movers can certainly help. We’ll set you up with a supply kit containing 5 boxes and tape. Learn more online or give us a call. 
  • Alluded to in the first bullet point, but try to be flexible and patient. With short staff and procedures to follow, processes will take longer than normal. Only way to ensure a smoother experience is if everyone can follow protocol. 
  • If you’re out of state, book your flights if you haven’t already. Double check with the airline’s policies regarding health safety measures for COVID-19.

2020 has been challenging but we’re here making the best out of tough situations, and that’s all we can really do. Good luck with the rest of the semester! Stay healthy and safe! 

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