Ways to give back this Thanksgiving

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already? Neither can we! This year has really flown by. Now that the holidays are upon us, you might be wondering how to give back and show appreciation to your community this season. During this time of year, there are plenty of mouths to feed.

The best way to show your gratitude and give thanks during Thanksgiving is to volunteer your time to a worthy cause. Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving solo or with others, there is something here for everyone. Here are a few common ways to volunteer to get the ball rolling:

Volunteer at a Food Bank:

If you’d prefer to work behind the scenes, food banks are the perfect place to lend a helping hand. Food banks are basically warehouses / distribution centers where meals are prepared and aggregated so that they may later be served to someone in need – usually at a Soup Kitchen.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen:

If you want to give a hot meal to the hungry, this is where to go. Fun fact: Some soup kitchens exclusively serve soup (hence the name) and bread while others serve a variety of meals. However, in both situations, they both go by the term “Soup Kitchen” regardless of what is actually being served. 

Start a Food Drive:

If you want to get really creative with it – go ahead and start a food drive of your own. You can include your friends and family in on the fun, and see just how far your altruism can reach this holiday season.

However you choose to spend your Thanksgiving this year, we hope it is with a full plate and full heart.

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