The silliest college mascots list

Have you ever been at a college football game and found yourself wondering just what the other team’s mascot was supposed to be? Not all mascots are created equally. This is what happens when you throw a little creativity and randomness into the mix:

Speedy the Geoduck (Evergreen State):

Just what exactly are we looking at here? This seems to be a very abstract interpretation of a…duck? This is clearly no ordinary duck. This is a duck with flare – just look at those high tops and matching umbrella! The fact that he’s wrapped in what appears to be a green burrito just tops off the strangeness. Fun fact: you pronounce the name gooey duck.

The Fighting Pickle – Turned Charlie the Cucumber (NSCA):

Ok, we’re still not sure what’s going on here. Turns out, there’s a backstory – this mascot’s got history. While this school may not have an official athletic program, they without a doubt display their artistry through this odd costume. Apparently, there was a contest back in the 70’s to choose a mascot and “The Pickles” is what they came up with. That, then, became the fighting pickles and ultimately, morphed into Charlie the Cucumber. We’re not exactly sure why the school decided to send a pickle back in time to it’s days as a cucumber, but hey – art is art, right? The Fun fact: Cheetos named this mascot the Number 1 cheesiest mascot back in 2012. 

The Gorlok (Webster University):

We’ve got one more mascot to discuss – perhaps, the most creative costume award belongs to the Gorlok. The reason being, that this creature and concept were actually designed by the staff and students. Back in the 80’s, a contest was held by the school’s paper to choose a campus mascot and it looks like nobody held back. Supposedly, the Gorlok is supposed to represent the paws of a cheetah, the horns of a buffalo, and the face of a…Saint Bernard? Fun fact: The name is a portmanteau of Gore Avenue and Lockwood Avenue. These are two big streets that meet at an intersection on campus. 

These are just a few examples of silly college mascots. Hopefully, they help you get creative with your halloween costumes this year!

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