Tips to Reconnect after Being Away at College

As we all grow and add life experiences by going through high school, playing sports, working, travel and more, we do all this right alongside our friends and don’t often notice our growth. However, when we’re away from friends and family at college we quickly add many new experiences that we go through without these life-long partners.

So, what happens when friends reunite after independent growth?

First a couple things to always remember, we’re all a product of our experiences and make a note that they’ll have their own set of new experiences that should be respected. Also, You’re not done. They’re not done. None of us our done learning and growing.

Ok, let’s go, here are three tips to re-engage with friends from high school.

Embrace all that’s new without preaching.

When away at college you’re exposed to new ideas, new ways of thinking and often simply new topics that you’ve never given any prior thought. It’s easy and awesome to adopt some new things to be passionate about. However, tread lightly and while you’re free to share these new passions remember that you had a year to learn and absorb these new ideas while your friends are just getting the highlights from you in crammed session.

Focus on memories

A great and super easy way to connect is share stories of the past. Kids often shrug their shoulders when parents tell stories of their youth, but whatever…it’s going to happen so just go with it. It’s fun and immediately reminds everyone of the special connections.

Highlight new common obstacles.

What better way to reconnect then to share some common misery. There’s new shared obstacles that can strengthen that bond and it’s just a matter of finding them. Did you and your friends find someone special, are you all back living at home with parents, are searching for a job searching, finding a place to live, figuring out how to return to college? The list is endless and you’ll create new stories to share down the road.

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