Getting prepared for midterms

Midterms can be the worst, can’t they? Alternatively, they can be great! It’s all about how you prepare for these inevitable exams. Here are three tips to get you started on your path to making midterm miracles:

Get some shut-eye

Please, please remember to sleep. A good night’s rest is easily the most underrated asset in your academic arsenal. After all that studying, it may seem like there are simply no hours left for you to rest. Just remember, there is time – you just have to make it. Prioritize your slumber over all else and schedule nap sessions if you need to.

Feed your body

Sounds pretty obvious, right? Wrong. The independence and likely lack of funds may steer you towards some unhealthy food choices. During midterm prep time, this only gets worse. Time is everything, and it’s likely that you will opt for something fast and rich in calories to get you through the next study session. Your body is like a car. Give it unleaded and it’ll run ok, but give it premium and it will purr! It’s ok to slip up once in a while, but primarily, you should be feeding yourself food that will actually provide you with nourishment and sustenance.

Find the right study space

It’s crucial to cultivate your study space. Sure, some students may be able to read or write surrounded by the noises of college life – but is that the best way to focus? Not by a long shot. Instead, we suggest you strive for success by finding a quiet, well-lit place to study in. The campus library has serious sanctuary potential.

However you decide to prepare for midterms, don’t forget to take care of yourself while you do it!

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