Elevating spring semester

Farewell fall semester! Whether the term was a blur or a slow crawl, you survived! Now that fall semester is in the books (no pun intended), it’s time to reflect and analyze it so you can ensure a more productive spring semester.

Here are a few preparation tips you can do over winer break that will help set your spring semester up for success.

Making the right connection

Maybe you’ve heard of the expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” A big part of connection is about being a in a position where opportunities can be created, usually by communicating with the right people, especially in your desired field.

Look back over the course of the fall semester. If you have an influential professor, send them a thank you note or email, and find them on LinkedIn. Maintain contact with these folks! They could be a great asset to your future. If willing, they can become a source of professional advice, reference letter, or a lead to an internship or job opportunity.

As far as friendships go, you will meet a ton of people and possibly party with them, but take note of the go-getters, especially the ones that are landing internships and jobs. Their network is invaluable  and will put you in a position for opportunity growth.

Becoming friends with your wallet

Being a college student with little to no finances is part of the game, but what if you can make positive changes to your wallet?

Before we move further, a disclaimer! We do not claim to be financial experts. We’re merely sharing our past experiences of being broke colleges students many moons ago.

Analyze your bank statements and see where you can cut costs. Start with things like going out to eat, going out with friends, and impulse purchases.

Have many subscriptions? Find your least favorite subscription, cancel it, and then set up automatic transfers of the same amount into your savings. Watch watch your money pile up.

For students with student loans. Consider a part time job to cut your loan debt. You will be glad you did.

Seeing the world

Ask students why studying abroad is such a fulfilling experience. Not only do you get to immerse yourself into a different culture, you gain a clearer understanding of the world and about yourself as well.

Explore the programs your college has to offer. They can be done over fall, spring, and summer semesters, even winter break! You get the best of both worlds; adventure and earning college credits towards your degree!

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