Guide to moving to college.

Let’s be real. Moving is not a glamorous activity but here are several tips to ease the process of moving.

Dorm Room Essentials

Residence halls will have a list of essential and non-essentials items to bring, either on the university’s website or orientation packet. There are numerous websites, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, that will have a dorm room supplies section. Other services such as Dorm It Up provides online purchase and delivery directly to your dorm room.

Roommate Build Up

Residence halls will inform you who your roommate will be and have a chance to connect with them, which is critical that you do. Discuss what you will be bringing to the dorm room and what your roommate will bring. This avoids any duplication of items and get a head start in getting to know your roommate.

Larger Items

Residence halls are designed to live comfortably with essentials, so bringing larger items like couches, televisions, etc. is completely unnecessary. Nice but not efficient use of space. Now, we’re not denying ingenious creativity to effectively include larger items in a limited space but it saves you the headache if you were to run into complications.

Creative Use of Space

Furniture in living spaces can be arranged. Of course, this is something you and your roommate will have to discuss, but if you and your roommate are willing to change the layout of your dorm room, do so. Often, there is a better way to position your furniture to at least give the illusion of more space and even privacy.

Proper Farewells

Saying good bye is never easy but give time to hug your friends and family members before you part ways with them for the semester. You will have plenty of time to meet new friends, explore the campus, etc. If anything, they’re a FaceTime away from a conversation.

Moving is never easy but you ease the burden by preparing yourself. Regardless, have fun and enjoy the semester. It’ll be over before you know it.

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