Returning home for winter break.

Congratulations! You survived your first semester in college. Well done! Now you embark on another journey… returning home for winter break. Just like when you arrived on campus, it was an adjustment, except this time you’re caught in a sort of a limbo, a period where your parents are not exactly sure what to do with you. You’ve been used to having freedom and being able to do your own thing on campus. Their parental instincts tell them to nurture and take care of you but you’re getting slightly annoyed because they’re all up in your business. Here are pieces of advice to consider on how to adjust.

They’ve missed you, tremendously. 

Whether you’re living across the country or just a state over, they’ve missed you. They’ve spent years having you around the house all the time, and now you’re in college doing your own thing. It’s an adjustment for them as well and they’re not sure how to take hold of it.

Spend time with them. 

This seems like a no brainer but you can easily can get caught up in making all sorts of plans to catch up with friends, or rather quite opposite, not do anything at all, but this is new opportunity for growth between you and your parents. You’ve learned plenty over the semester and they have, too, so show them by spending time with them.

Do your own laundry.

Yes, sweet mother is willing and lovingly will do your laundry, but part of showing them your growth into adulthood is taking care of things yourself, just like how you would on campus.


You’re going to be bombarded with many questions and that’s okay! They’re interested to know what you’ve experienced so far in college. Just be prepared for the list of questions and it’s completely fine if you don’t have all the answers to their questions.


So you’ve been to one or two parties in college, and by one or two, pretty much every weekend. Which is completely fine but there’s no need to dive into details with your parents. They assume you’ve been to plenty of social gatherings but throwing out details does not give them any confidence when you’re away. Last thing you need is for them to worry. Obviously, this depends on the type of relationship you have with your parents, but dad or mom doesn’t need to know about your hook up buddy from English 101.

Enjoy your winter break! You deserve it after a long but great semester.

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