What To Do On Thanksgiving Break If You’re Stuck On Campus

So you’re stuck on campus during Thanksgiving break. It’s no big deal but you need ideas for creating a to-do list around campus that’s essentially shut down. Check out these suggestions for how to make your Thanksgiving break productive, peaceful, and surprisingly fun.

  1. Catch up on shows you’ve been meaning to binge watch
  2. Read at least one book
  3. Bake all of the things
  4. Plan or go to a Friendsgiving
  5. Get a head start on Christmas shopping
  6. Finish assignments due after Thanksgiving
  7. De-friend irrelevant Facebook friends
  8. Unfollow the not so funny people on Twitter
  9. Swipe spree on Tinder
  10. Make a fort
  11. Research and plan your next vacation
  12. Plan your zombie apocalypse
  13. Call relatives you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  14. Rearrange your room
  15. Eat at all local restaurants
  16. Go on a hike
  17. Get sucked into the YouTube vortex
  18. Research internships that applies to your field of study
  19. Learn a new recipe
  20. Plan or participate in a Turkey Bowl (flag football)

There you have it. Obviously not an exclusive list but should jump start the brain. If there are any other ideas, let us know!

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