avoiding germs in the dorms

#1 Shower Shoes: If you don’t have your own bathroom, using shower shoes could help keep your feet clean and eliminate the spreading of the shower germs. Rememeber to wear them to the shower, in the shower and even on the way back. They may seem dorky and trivial but there are tons of germs that spread in the shower.

#2 Sanitize: There are probably a few people that go in and out of your room on most days so remember to sanitize items that may be touched a lot. Things like door knobs, light switches and computers that are touched by your roommates or friends could easily spread germs. Keep a pack of sanitizing wipes in your drawer and wipe those things down a few times a week.

#3 Leave nothing behind: You may have a little walk to your bathroom but bringing your stuff like toothbrush, floss, rinse cup etc. each time instead of leaving it on the dirty counter is probably a good idea. Leaving your stuff next to other people’s items may limit your toothbrush’s exposure to germs. Try getting a small shower caddy so you can just bring the caddy to the bathroom with you each time.

#4 Dont share: We were all taught that sharing is caring, but maybe not in this case. Try to keep to your own forks and cups when you’re hanging out with your friends. Even though your friends may not be sick at that very second, they may be carying a virus or expose you to something they are going to come down with in a few days

 #5 Keep Clean: Don’t be one of those people that only washes their sheets twice a semester. Try to clean your dorm every now and then to keep the germs out. That carpet under your bed is collecting lots of icky stuff, so remember to make an effort to vacuum, change your sheets and dust stuff like your desk, pictures and fans to keep a clean and healthy room.

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