Which way to the Grill?

Summer means more backyard parties, pooltime and family get togethers, a.k.a. more grilling! Now is the usual time for people to have BBQs and serve up some delicious grilled food. If it’s your turn to host and you’re already sick of the typical grilled meal like burgers and hot dogs, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few of our favorite unique things to grill this summer…

#1 Grilled Cabbage Wedges- This recipe is a unique take on a grilled salad. It mixes the crunch texture of cabbage with a spicy lime dressing file with cayenne and cilantro. Forget the classic cesar this time and go wild.

#2 Bacon and Brussel Sprout Scewers- Sure, everyone loves a veggie skewer, but they traditionally consist of zucchini or peppers. Why not switch it up and go with the newly popular brussel sprout? The veggie will get a nice crunch on the outside and people may just be surprised about how much they like it. Not to mention, how can it be bad if theres bacon on it?

#3 Grilled peaches & Cream- Who says dessert has to be a premade cake or tray of vanilla cupcakes? This recipe is pretty simple to make and has a fun twist on an old recipe. Just grill the peaches for a few minutes and mix up the ingredients to make the maple honey mascarpone cheese filling. Stuff the peaches, and you’re ready to serve!

#4 Spinach Stuffer Portobellas- Calling all veggie lovers! This is a great substitute for grilled chicken or a burger, or can even be added a side dish. Feel free to add any extra yummy fillings and make your own variation on this recipe using different cheeses or extra veggies.

#5 BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs– Yes, this recipe is as good as it sounds. Picture a meatball rolled up into an onion and then wrapped with bacon and brushed with barbeque sauce. Drooling permitted. Although this recipe does require a bit more preparation then some of the others on the list, it may be worth it if it sounds like something your guests would love.

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