What to do indoors this summer

During the summer it’s fun to do things outside but when those temperatures get too high or the humidity goes up, it can make you want to hibernate. Here are a few things you can do inside this summer:

1. See a movie- There are tons of new movies coming out this summer so meet up with a friend and go check one of them out. If everyone is busy, try going alone for a change. Our picks: Inside Out, Jurassic World, Ted 2, Trainwreck and Self/less

2. Get active- Check out what you have near you that’s indoors. Things like bowling, rock climbing or indoor mini golf can be a new way to stay cool while being active at the same time.

3. Take a new class- It’s always exciting to try something new. Check out your local gym or studio for a different workout class, or find a cooking or art class. You can always use a new hobby, right?

4. Sight See- Maybe there’s an awesome museum or place you’ve never been to in your home town. Take advantage of it and play tourist for a few days.

5. Read a book- During the school year you have so much on your plate between reading, studying and writing papers. It’s likely that you forgot about that book you downloaded on your kindle months ago. Pick it back up and start to read something you chose for a change.

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