TGIF: Get Prodcutive this weekend

The weekend is here, which usually means it’s time to make plans with friends, relax and take a break, but sometimes it’s nice to be productive and get some things done that have been weighing on your shoulders lately. Here’s a few reminders of what can always be done:

Messy? Me? No way…

It’s tough moving back and fourth from school and home each year. There’s tons of stuff to put away and it’s like you have two bedrooms that you’re going between. If you havent unpacked completely from school, or a recent trip, this weekend could be the one that changes it all. Organizing you room, hanging up your clothes and doing that pile of laundry may bring some more balance in your life. Plus, it never hurts to do something small to get your mom to stop nagging you (Am I right?;))

DIY, but actually.

You probably have a Pinterest board with of tons of projects that you want to accomplish this summer. Whether it’s crafting some cute sorority letters for your future little or making something awesome for your new room, this weekend could be a great chance to get that done. Pick one or two proects you’ve been eyeing, head to the local craft store and explore your artsy side!

But school doesn’t start until next month!

Just because you’re out of school right now doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared and ready for the upcoming Fall semester. Take a few hours this weekend and make sure you know which classes and professors you want to take for next semester. If you didn’t clean out your notebooks, now is the time to recycle the things you won’t need and go through your documents to see what notes you may want to save.

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