What you’ll need at home over the Summer

So we can obviously tell you what you should put in storage over the summer (furniture, plastic bins, lamps, notebooks) but summer vacation is getting close, so you may want to think about what you should bring home with you! Here are a few of our suggestions…

1. Clothes: You probably don’t need your boots or big jackets so those can go in storage, but there’s some things you definitely do need. For starters..bathing suits, shorts, PJ’s, undergarments and anything you like to wear in warm weather are necessities.

2. Trip Essentials: Are you going somewhere this summer? If you are, you may need a suitcase or your passport. Be sure to check the weather because you may need some clothing items that you wouldn’t necessarily think to bring home like rain coats or some extra sweaters.

3. Summer School Stuff: If you’re taking a class over summer whether it’s at a college near home or online, don’t forget your school supplies. Bring those notecards, books and anything else you use regularly!

5. Job Must-Haves: Are you starting an internship this summer and think you’ll need all of your nicer professional clothes? Be sure to think about what you’re doing for a job this summer and plan accordingly clothing and supplies wise!

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