5 things not to keep in storage

Our team at Dorm Room Movers is super excited for summer to be coming up because that means one thing…STORAGE SEASON! When you all go home for the summer, or off to vacations or abroad, we store your stuff, making leaving for break SO MUCH easier.

You can store almost anything- boxes full of clothing, room decor bedding, or things like bikes, lamps and  all types of furniture, but there are some things you shouldn’t keep in storage. If you’re not storing with us this summer but you rented a storage unit locally, this definitely applies to you too! Here are our top 5 things not to keep in storage…

1. Cash

2. Jewelry

3. Passport

4. Illegal substances or paraphernalia

5. Hazardous materials

So be sure you take all of this stuff out before putting your things in storage with us, or anywhere else! Please see our FAQ section for more information on what can’t be stored with us!

Happy packing:)

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