5 Things To Do In October!


October is the month of pumpkin spice lattes and leaves changing colors, but what are your plans? Here are five things to fill your calendar this October that will leave you wanting to hibernate all November long. 

#1 Let the festivities commence

If you and your friends don’t know what to do on a Saturday night and you’re sick of going to the same old local bar, this is the perfect laid back lazy night activity. Go to your nearest pumpkin patch or grocery store and grab a few pumpkins to carve out. You can make a whole night out it with a scary movie. Who says nights in aren’t fun? Sometimes all you need is a great night in with even better people!

#2 Go Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full force and it’s time to join in. Every year, Race for the Cure events take place in tons of cities across the U.S. You can run, walk or just go to support the movement. This is a way to raise funds for a cure while celebrating survivors and honoring those who lost their battle with the disease. 

#3 Give your recipe book a makeover

If you love pumpkin flavored food, prepare yourself. Although the most traditional use of pumpkin ingredients is usually for sweet recipes such as pies, cookies and cakes, that doesn’t mean you can’t go savory. Step out of your comfort zone and try a modern and refreshing way to cook pumpkin. You can find recipes for pastas, soups and even chicken with the fall ingredient included. Just because it sounds a little weird, doesn’t mean it won’t be delicious once you make it! For 15 innovative recipes

#3 Don’t be a Scaredy Cat

Go to a haunted house. I know what you’re thinking…how cliche, but this could be really fun! There’s really only one month out of the whole year where this is an option, so why not take advantage of it? Get a group of your friends together and get a little spooked. If anything, it will give you a good laugh and inspire some Halloween costumes.

#4 Oktoberfest

Although the most popular form of this festival is held in Munich, Germany, there are hundreds of similar celebrations held around our country. Find the closest Ocktoberfest to your college and make the treck. Traditionally, this anual autumn festival features beer-drinking and fall themed activities. Not only will this get you out of your comfort zone, but it will also get you in the holiday spirit.

Whatever you choose to do this month, you can’t go wrong. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Fall.

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