5 Tips to Choose the Right Major for You


Featured Guest Post By Saphir Shemesh @ Emory University

Being a student in college is an experience unlike any other, and can definitely be overwhelming at times. With a new beginning comes new opportunities and a lot of new decisions to be made: classes that sound way more interesting than in high school, exciting new extracurricular activities, and maybe even some internships down the road. It’s all fun and games until your parents start asking questions about your future and what their money is going towards…and you have no idea how to answer. 

Don’t have the next four years planned yet? Don’t fret! 


Below are a few easy tips for one of the biggest decisions you will make in your college career: picking a major that’s right for you.  

1. Enroll in interesting classes. This might sound cliché, but it’s so true! College offers classes in just about every subject, so get out there and explore the possibilities! Avoid majoring in a field for the wrong reasons – it will save you time and unhappiness in the long run. 

2. Take Deep breaths. It’s OK not to have everything figured out before you enter college. College allows you to explore topics you wouldn’t be able to anywhere else – so just take time to relax and discover your interests. Avoiding the stress of stressing will help you more than anything! 

3. Use your resources. Talk to your peers and advisors! Go to your school’s Career Center and connect with your advisors and professors. Also, use your upperclassmen friends as a resource. You can get a lot of insight from peers who have recently had to make the same decisions that you are now facing. 

4. Do your research. Browse around on your prospective department’s website and look at the types of professors and events they have to offer. Most importantly, look at the major requirements for what you’re interested in. This can help you decide if a major looks like a good fit for you (once you know what classes you’ll need to take). 

5. Do what you love. It’s important to follow your heart and study what interests you. You are much more likely to become invested in a subject you love, which makes all those papers and timed exams an easier and more rewarding feat. Keep practical goals in mind, but make sure the next four years are a time you will look back on proudly and fondly. 

Now get out there and start exploring. Good luck! 

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