Shopping For Holiday Gifts On A College Budget


Working on a limited supply of funds can really cramp your style when you’ve got friends and family to shop for during the winter months. Fortunately, you’ve still got a enough time to save face by making a worthwhile effort this Holiday Season!

Below are a few gift ideas for college students working around a budget…

  1. Picture Collage Of You At College: Take a few pics of you at the library, common areas, in your dorm and/or with your new friends. (Just keep it clean!) 
  2. Volunteer To Cook Them Dinner: Treat your family to a night of your best made dish. Who cares if it’s spaghetti, it’s the thought that counts! 
  3. Pay It Forward: Invest in a KIVA.ORG giftcard that you can buy for them on their behalf. Once purchased, you can send it to them electronically and they’re able to select a person they want to donate to. Not only are you investing in someone else’s future for a good cause, it will make your parents feel good about “giving” back throughout the holiday season! 
  1. Caffeine Is A Winner: You can get a gift card to any of the local coffee cafes in your area. Coffee of any type is good coffee. It will come in handy for those late study sessions. 
  2. Movie Night: Select 3-5 of your friends’ favorite movies and set up a time to host a movie marathon with a few of their favorite foods and snacks. It will give you both a break and will make them feel appreciated. 
  3. Treat Them To Eggs: Or whatever they like to eat in the morning. Nothing puts a smile on someones face better than a yummy breakfast. Especially if it involves lots of syrup! 
As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to add any additional gift ideas that students can make or buy without gritting their teeth and/or over-drafting on their bank account.  

Wishing You A Very Merry Holiday Season,


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