5 Ideas On How To Spend Your Winter Break



Fresh, cool, crisp air. Scarves, beanies, boots, jackets, snuggies, and hot drinks full of yummy goodness all add up to one thing. 


You know the end of the semester is around the corner when you have to begin bundling up, kicking up the heater in your dorm and making travel plans to head home for the (long overdue) break. 

Why not use your time off to have a little fun with the five winter break suggestions below?! 

#1: Ski, Snowboarding, or tubing trip…

If you come from a snowy town or city, make a point to hit the slopes with a few friends from high school. If your hometown doesn’t have a local ski area, check out the ones nearby or find a few hills to go sledding on.

#2: Rejuvenate…

Soak up with some suds or spend the day at the spa with a parent. Even if you’re a dude, pampering can be fun. It’ll give you the chance to get some R&R and spend some quality time with a loved one.  

#3: Catch Up… 

Whether books or specific TV series are your thing, catching up on what you’ve missed out on is a great way to veg and unwind. 

#4: Decorate…

The winter break provides many celebrations to take into account. Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Bodhi, Pancha Ganapati, Hogmanay or Kwanzaa – all give reason enough to get festive and decorate your family home. 

#5: Host A Bonfire…

Reach out to your high school buddies and catch up on the social scene. No doubt the gossip track from back home has slowly leaked your way. So, taking a few days to play on your old stomping grounds will help you reconnect with what you’ve missed out on. In addition to that, you can keep it chill (and stay warm) by pulling out the blankets and beers (or cider) and have some buddies over to sit around a fire pit in the back yard. Get ready for story time, because you’re bound to go down memory lane. 

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to add any ideas of how to pass time over your winter break! 



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