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More than half of the companies looking to hire – will hire an intern this year and throughout 2014. Now more then ever, participating in an internship program is HUGE… Especially with today’s market. 

Tired of the typical internship gigs? 
Better yet, do you want an internship that doesn’t involve data entry or hauling the mail bin up and down the cubicle halls? I hear ya loud and clear! The good news is I know where to look. Get into an internship that fits and suits you with any of the following programs below…

Like Apple gear? 

Work alongside professionals or remain on campus with one of their rep programs. Apple is a global brand, so interning with one of their programs is an accelerator to boosting your resume and gaining the experience you’ll need for when you’re ready to become a real employee.

Love The Outdoors?  

Try one of the Student Conservation Association Internship programs. From Wildlife conservationist to Core Corps internships, the SCAI has an incredible reach for anyone interested in interning in the outdoors.

Live a little and support a good cause.

Check out the intern programs at Toms Shoes. For every pair of shoes that someone buys, a pair is donated to a child in need. How cool is that? Learn more about their donation programs HERE!

Additional resources to search for an internship that suits you can be found at the sites below:



If you need help with your resume or want to know how to clean up your social presence to land a job, checkout the other posts on how to do just that! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments about additional internship programs that may be useful to others take a look at.  



P.S. Here’s a great example of just how impactful internships are prior to graduation. 
internships infographic 2012 Infographic: Internships Survey and 2013 Internship Trends
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