How To Make Your Senior Year In College Count


Making the most of your last year in college is like juggling five to six apples while riding a unicycle all at once (without a break)! 

There is one thing that is constant in life, and that is change. Everything up until this point has seemed less like an obligation and more like you were just going through the motions…. And perhaps up until this year, you’ve managed to pass through it all with a blink of an eye.

Whether you lost track of your goal or just glazed over it from lack of sleep, you’ve made it through the crazy routine and now you’re in your senior year of college.

So, it’s important to make the most of it…

Concentration is key to achieve the GPA you want, but don’t sell yourself short in the process. Below are 5 tips to make the most of your senior year and 5 things to do before you graduate.

Make the most of your last year in college by… 

  1. Staying focused on school, but don’t overwhelm yourself with it. Higher scoring GPA’s are nice, but most employers don’t look at your scores, the degree is the primary factor on whether you fill their ideal candidate model or not. 
  2. Check out internship programs, a majority of the companies who bring interns on end up hiring them if they meet their expectations. It never hurts to gain some experience with a well known company.
  3. When you do graduate, you’ll need references. Now is the time to begin gathering them. Instructors, advisers and your friends parents are good resources for this. When you begin job hunting, you’ll want and need people to back you up on your credentials. 
  4. Checking out the local career seminars and advisory boards. It’s all new and you may be hesitant, but graduation is around the corner. Recruiters hang out at these gigs, and if you haven’t had luck with an internship yet, they’re your next best option. Plus, it gives you and opportunity to see what types of jobs are available in your field or similar fields where your degree may come in handy. 
  5. Creating a dossier or portfolio of your accomplishments. Some sort of pamphlet or perhaps a website that highlights who you are, what your goals are and what you’ve accomplished is a great way to get your foot in the door with a company. Everyone has a resume, but a dossier takes it one step further and helps you stand out in the crowd. If you want to get really creative you can create a video to go on one of these pages. Having a preview of your voice and accomplishments excels the interview process, plus it makes you stand out from a stack of resumes.

Things To Do Before You Graduate…

  1. Go to college events, if you haven’t yet or haven’t in a while, it’s time to get involved or re-engaged. 
  2. Take at least 3-4 road trips throughout the year. You have breaks during the year, so use that time to have an adventure with a few of your closest friends and enjoy your time together. If you’re an out doorsy type of person, go hike or camp in a few of the major destinations within your area. Or perhaps a cruise is in order? Check out the cruise portals to see whats available. When in doubt, Vegas is generally on everyone’s top 10 list to hit during their senior year. 
  3. Throw a few parties or get togethers. Sure, the clean ups are horrid but the point of a party is to have all of the people you love with you at once. You’re bound to fill the room with excitement and more importantly – great memories. 
  4. Commemorate your time by documenting it. Not all moments need to be tweeted or posted about on Facebook. Some moments are more valid than others, so having your lucky camera phone around when it’s one of those moments is a good way to keep track of your senior year.
  5. Take a few risks. Within reason, have fun and step outside your normal routine or typical set of actions. Whether it’s playing a prank, swimming in the school fountain, or confessing to a friend how you truly feel; pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will challenge you to do something new.  

Ultimately, have fun and don’t take everything too seriously. College is the last real time in your life where you can be immature, take risks and do everything and anything irresponsible before you join the full time employment road and begin paying bills all on your own.

Good luck, and congrats to you on your future graduation. As a Dorm Room Movers Author, feel free to leave your comments. 



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