Put Your Best Foot Forward…

Happy New Year! 

It appears we all survived the end of the world… If you were born before 2000, you’ve lived through at least 2 world altering predictions (Y2K & the end of the Mayan calendar)… Whoo-hoo for that! ;0) 

Spring Semester Is Always An Exciting Time Of Year…

Winter slowly comes to an end, shedding away the cool crisp air (perhaps snow for some of you folks) and emerging once again into the warmth of the sun. This means you’ve got about four to five months under your belt until you can kick back and enjoy some time off from school. Unless, of course, you’re one of those summer school types. In which case, kudos to you for jumping ahead! 

Either way, your mini winter time vacation should have given you enough time to recuperate as well as give you the boost you need to put your best foot forward for the Spring Semester projects and tests coming up. Whatever your deal is, you certainly need to prioritize your tasks to keep from falling behind or loosing track of what your next steps are. 

Here are a few helpful tips to keep you motivated… 
  1. Study in groups (two heads are better than one, which means if you get stuck or need someone’s input you’ll have a partner or two to bounce your concepts or questions off of).
  2. Make time for social activities, but be sure to sleep at least 6 hours a night. Burning the candle at both ends will hurt you in the long run and effect your school work.  
  3. Exercise regularly. Studies show that exercise can help reduce stress, increase brain activity, and create endorphin’s that help to boost your productivity levels as well as your mood. 
Speaking of putting your best foot forward… Dorm Room Movers has strategically aligned with the official college campus bookstores nationwide to help inform students about moving, storage or shipping services. The services will be showcased throughout the campus bookstores via display banners at point of sale stations and on campus bookstore websites. Email subscribers to these stores will also receive promotions throughout the term. In addition to that, gift giveaways will be handed out through online orders. Promotions begin in the Spring Semester of 2013. More details about this program can be viewed HERE!  

Regardless, the Dorm Room movers Team wishes you a very successful Spring Semester!

As a Dorm Room Movers Author, I look forward to your comments here. 



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