Turn Your Used Boxes to Bucks with Our New Scholarship

Dorm Room Movers is proud to announce the launch of its new scholarship: Boxes to Bucks. The $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student that designs and builds something useful and creative using used boxes. 

Furthering our commitment to sustainability, we would like to promote the reuse of our boxes so they aren’t just thrown away, and don’t even need to be recycled. This year alone Dorm Room Movers stored, shipped, and moved thousands of boxes for students across the nation. According to the EPA Figures and facts sheet(1), in 2010, Americans threw out 26.74 million tons of recyclable paper material. That’s the weight of 72 empire state buildings, or about 6.7 million elephants!

We hope that this fun scholarship opportunity helps raise awareness and diverts some boxes from the landfill as a useful day to day items.

To kick this off, we decided to make a chair of our own made entirely from used boxes. Now we have an awesome & comfortable chair in the office and it didn’t even cost a dollar!

We are also accepting sponsorships to increase the award amount and number of awards. We look forward to seeing your creations!

For sponsorship opportunities contact info@dormroommovers.com

(1) Environmental Protection Agency. 2011. http://www.epa.gov/osw/nonhaz/municipal/msw99.htm

Your Friends,

The Dorm Room Movers Team

(c) All rights reserved to Dorm Room Movers 

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