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Practical Back To School Gifts
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Now that the New Year has begun, most college students are being hit with the realization that winter break is coming to an end. It isn’t always easy getting back into school mode, but with the proper tools – it can be. Help your college student start the year off right with these practical presents.
Academic planner: With new classes starting, it can be difficult to keep track of all your assignments. Planners are great tools because they help you prioritize and stay organized, which minimizes stress. Beyond academic assignments, planners can help you to keep track of miscellaneous obligations such as social functions and doctor’s appointments. Moleskine has a wide variety of planners; monthly, weekly, and even daily. Give your memory a break, and mark up your calendar with ease.
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Care packages: Looking to get creative with your gifts? BOX-O-BOX offers care packages geared specifically for college students that are both fun and functional. They have packages for everything. Their exam time care package includes coffee and cookies to help stimulate your students mind. The Detox-O-Box provides hangover remedies and comfort foods.
Gift cards: gift certificates can be very useful for college students, as they are usually strapped for spare cash. Gift cards for superstores like Walmart and Target are ideal, because these are places that provide everything from apartment accessories to groceries. Most kids in college drink coffee, especially on those nights before a big exam – a gift card for Starbucks would not go unappreciated.
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Online gift certificates: Don’t forget about the wonderful word wide web! Online gift certificates can be fabulous for those students living on campus that wish to order items straight to their door. Amazon gift cards would be great for academic necessities like textbooks and school supplies. 


Procrastination is a persistent problem, especially when we let ourselves slip into the bliss of winter break. Help college students to fight procrastination by giving them something useful. Get a head start on the next semester now! 

Feel free to post comments about your back to school gift ideas.

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