Top 10 Gifts for College Students

When it comes to gifting students in college, you have a great deal of good choices that will all please very well. You have to think on the level of a college student and what they would find to be useful and great as a gift as well. 

Finding these gifts can be done anywhere and you could find a lot right online with great sales as gift-giving time gets near. When you want to shop for a college student in your life, these are the ten greatest gifts to choose as they are most likely to be those memorable gifts that keep giving year round.
1. Laptop Computer. The laptop is essential to any college student today whether they use it to complete assignments, facebook or stay in touch with mom and dad! There are many great options out there today to choose from and most colleges offer discounts on hardware and software for students.
2. Smartphone. There is nothing more important to a college student today than keeping in touch with family and friends, and the easiest way to do so today is with a smartphone. Smartphones are a great gift idea for college students today because they serve several functions, including web-access and the ability to complete online coursework as well.
 3. Bean Bag Chairs. The bean bag chair is that classic dorm accessory that always keeps students happy and relaxed. They can invite their friends over and accommodate all their pals. At the same time, these are very funky type chairs that are always fun within any room even after they move out of the dorms.
 4. Digital Camera. If you aren’t considering a smartphone that already has a good camera, consider a digital camera to capture the greatest moments of their college escapades. There are several models but look for one that’s compact so that it’s not a pain to carry around.
5. iPad or Tablet. For those students that already have a great laptop to use, an iPad or tablet PC could be an excellent gift, especially for those students that are always on the go. Tablets are today’s hottest device for students in college as they serve various functions while remaining highly portable.
6. Gaming Console. Outside of useful devices for class, students need to let go, and getting a gaming console for them to let loose with and have fun with their college pals with. The gaming consoles most popular today include the Xbox 360 and the Wii, which both offer online access that can be used to game with other players across campus or the world.
 7. A Warm Jacket. When it comes to getting from class to class, there is often a lot of walking outdoors, which can get cold in the winter. College students typically don’t have a huge budget for clothing which can give you a perfect opportunity to gift them a new jacket that is going to keep them warm as they reach their classes.
8. Bicycle or Moped. If you are really trying to give them a special gift, a moped could be right up your alley. They are small enough to fit in the dorm room or apartment the student may live in, and economical enough to offer cheap and reliable transportation wherever they may need to go.
9. Restaurant Gift Card. It is a well-known fact that students are the worst eaters, mainly because costs of school take away from the budget for food. One of the best gifts to give a college student is a gift card to a restaurant they enjoy as it will fill them up and they will surely have a great time as well.
10. Stereo System. After class, throwing the weekly party may be their only way to stay balanced, in which case having a great stereo system could help.
Giving that special gift to a college student you care about can be very easy, and ensuring that you are giving a memorable gift isn’t too hard if you can think about the interests and needs of the student and what would serve as an excellent type of gift for them.
Feel free to post comments about any college gift ideas.
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