Study? What’s That?

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Whether starting your college career or returning after a summer of relaxation, it can be a challenge to get your brain into gear for effective studying. And after all, you know that’s on the agenda now. You’re spending all that money on your college education, you at least want to get good grades and the education you’ll need for your future. Here are some tips to help you get the grades.

Go to class! Well, duh, who would have thought? It actually does make a difference! No matter how smart you are, you miss a lot if you don’t go to class, and it’s harder to learn the material on your own. Besides, there are still some classes where your attendance record directly affects your grade.

Prioritize your studying. Make a realistic study schedule, in manageable chunks of time, and stick to it. Don’t forget to schedule breaks too.

Take good notes. Organize the information as outlines or in groupings. Look for the important concepts to highlight and then compare your notes with a friend’s.

Test yourself. When you think you know it all, imagine what questions might appear in a test and be sure you know the answers. If not, review again.

Cramming doesn’t really work. Space out your studying consistently, increasing as you get closer to an exam. Research suggests that memory is more effective over a longer period of time.

Take care of yourself! Eat well, sleep well, and get enough exercise.
By developing good study skills and self-discipline, and staying balanced and healthy, you will see the results of your efforts in higher grades and a rewarding college experience.

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