Staying Safe In College Dormitories

How To Keep Yourself Protected

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You know that saying, you can never be too safe? Well, that is a very true statement, and a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. This is true of life anywhere and everywhere, but especially important in a college setting.
STAY SHARP: When you keep your eyes out for potentially dangerous situations, being guarded only gives you the advantage. Being mindful does not mean that you are you paranoid or mistrustful. We would all love to live in a world where we could leave our front doors unlocked without a second thought, but sadly- we do not live in such a world. College theft very much does exist. Most people have no intention of stealing anything from you, but some individuals simply cannot be trusted. Always trust your instincts, but don’t let this attentiveness cloud your ability to make new friends. Just be cautious.
LOCK IT DOWN: Locking up your possessions contributes plenty of security in your dormitory. Always keep your bedroom door locked. That’s right, every time – even if you’re just stepping out for a few minutes. If you live in an apartment style dorm, make sure to keep your main door locked too! Don’t forget about your windows – it only takes a minute. If you’re living on the first floor of a building, this precaution can keep you safe and worry-free.


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LOVE YOUR LAPTOP: Your laptop is a quintessential friend that should always be protected. This is especially true in college, because this is where all of your schoolwork is most likely saved. Having your laptop stolen would not only be a bummer to your wallet, but could potentially ruin your entire semester. Imagine a paper that you’ve spent hours on, vanishing into thin air. This alone is enough incentive for most people to keep their computers locked.External laptop lockswork well, and can be found on For some people this is too extreme. Simply incorporating a password protection so that only you can access your laptop upon opening it is a good precautionary measure.
REMEMBER: Carry little cash with you on your college campus. Some people lock large amounts of cash in a safe, along with other valuable possessions. sells an affordable safe especially made for college students. It’s not too big, which is a wonderful space-saver, and has brackets that can be attached to a bedpost to keep furniture in good condition.
*Always have a friend walk you home from class if it’s late at night, even if it’s only to your car.
*Save all campus emergency numbers in your phone. While it might seem excessive right now, having these numbers can only help you in your future. Easy access to campus security and police has been known to save student’s lives.

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