Top five iPad apps for college students

The Best Apps For College Students

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WOLFRAM ALPHA: This educational tool is the perfect application for college students everywhere. With Wolfram Alpha, you can quench your curiosity on everything from European history trivia to the nutritional value of your breakfast. Need help solving difficult mathematical equations? This app is a lifesaver! Much more than just a search engine, Wolfram Alpha gives you access to actual knowledgeable answers, rather than a slew of webpage’s that you must then sort through yourself to find your answer. For just $1.99, this brilliant helping tool is a steal.
EVERNOTE: Take notes on the go, create to-do lists for school, and much more. While you surf the web, if you come across something that sparks your interest, you can save the webpage using the web clipper feature. When you take a picture of something, Evernote will be able to recognize any text (typed or hand written!) in the snapshot – so searching for the item will be a breeze! In addition to typing your notes, you can also record audio notes by tapping on the small microphone icon. Whether you’re using Evernote on your iPad or iPhone, your saved documents and personal settings can be accessed from anywhere you use your Evernote account. Give your memory a break with this wonderful and free app.


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PAGES: Although the price is $9.99, this is an app that is well worth the cost. Pages is a wonderful, multifaceted app that happens to be visually pleasing too! Writing anything using this app feels so natural and intuitive, you’d swear you and your iPad were one. Taking notes has never been so much fun. There are sixteen template designs to choose from; from posters and invitations to letters and resumes, this application makes everything simple. Whether you want to play around with different fonts, or drop a picture into the document, it’s never been this easy.

IBOOKS: This is a truly brilliant application for college students. With iBooks, you can download and read books all at the touch of a finger. Searching for books in the iBookstore is a really awesome experience. Once you’ve downloaded a book, it sits upon your virtual bookshelf for safekeeping. You can organize your books by categorizing them by author or title. Don’t worry about reading glasses, either; you can change the font size and adjust the brightness of your screen to enhance your reading experiencing.

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RATE MY PROFESSORS: This is one of the most helpful iPad applications for college students to date. Have you ever wished that you could find out what your professor was like before signing up for the class? Well, look no further, because Rate My Professors is here to help! Use this app, and you’ll never have to take a class with professor psycho again. Simply search for your college, and from there you will find a list of the courses offered. From here, you will be able to track down thousands of student’s reviews of the teachers at your school. Each professor is rated by criteria such as easiness, and clarity of the course. Not only does the app weed out the teachers you don’t want, but it can also lead you to one you may end up loving. Don’t leave it up to fate- use Rate My Professors and find out first. The cherry on top? It’s free.

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