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Fall Semester 2020 Has Begun

The greatest test of our might and will is the start of a new school year…with a pandemic attached to it. We’ve written enough blogs about what to expect and have provided a plethora of tips to help you navigate this extremely weird time. So,this week we’ll stick to what the internet does best –

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10 Detailed Pumpkin Carvings That Redefine The Carving Experience

There are truly gifted people out there and when they take their talents to pumpkin carving, they don’t hold back at all. Enjoy these 10 detailed pumpkin carvings. 1. Predator The unreleased sequel. Source: Villafane Studios 2. Spider-Man Your friendly neighborhood pumpkin. Source: Reddit 3. Mario Princess Peach makes everyone glow. Source:¬†punkbouncer.deviantart.com 4. Star Wars

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