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Halloween – college party safety rules

It’s almost Halloween! Which means…it’s almost time for Halloween Parties! In the spirit of the spooky season, we’ve put together some tried and true rules to help keep you safe at a Halloween college party. Watch your drink! This bit of advice is so important that we had to mention it. Watch your drinks, people!

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Bad Spring Break Stories

Jimmy found himself handcuffed to a table in the lobby of a bustling Daytona Beach hotel with one of those goofy baseball caps that holds two cans of beer with straws from the cans to your mouth askew on his head. Hey, it’s pretty easy to get giddy while planning your Spring Break trip because

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college Spring Break for the uninitiated

Ah, Spring break, the most coveted part of the spring semester. Whether you’re traveling, volunteering, working, or studying, there’s always something exciting going on during this week long extravaganza.. In this week’s post, we are going to focus on spring break destinations that are accessible and popular among the college cohort. The best part? These

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