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How to smarten up a dumb dorm room

Newer dorm rooms may come equipped with all the bells and whistles, but some older dorm rooms still exist, living in both the past and present. If you happen to sleep in an ancient living space, here are a few wonderful gadgets to help spruce up that fortress of yours. Ensure you look into the

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How to confront your dorm roommate

Move in was a success, got taste of your class schedule, and had your first few nights in your new dorm room. By now, you and your roommate should have received a roommate agreement contract from your Resident Assistant. This document list a series of questions from studying, sleep, cleaning, guests, etc., that you and

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Dorm Room Movers is heading to Toronto

Every year, Dorm Room Movers attends the annual Association of College and University Housing Officers – International or ACUHO-I for short. It’s a massive event hosted in different cities each year for student affairs administrators who work in residence life within higher education. Dorm Room Movers participates in this annual gathering not only to see

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