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Roosevelt Point: A Living Space For The Mature ASU Student!

Are you a downtown ASU student looking for incredible off campus housing? Tired of feeling like you are being babysat by pesky RA’s?  Look no further than Roosevelt Point premiere housing community . Hip, luxurious, and spacious are just a few ways to describe this apartment complex. Here are some reason you should consider making the

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Why Full Service Is The Better Service…

Providing consumers a breakdown of the value they can expect for full service moving, shipping and storage with Dorm Room Movers.  Choosing a good summer storage service can get tricky… From the do it yourself mom-and-pop facility down the road or the on campus (reservation only) option. Either way, you’re stuck having to pack, lift, load,

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What Do DRM & STA Travel Have In Common?

Discounts! DisCounts! DISCOUNTS!  That’s right people – We’ve aligned with STA Travel and their International Division that offer discounts to their preferred members.   STA Travel has access to a global network of affordable and specialized student services. More specifically, the ISIC card -which is a virtual passport that provides over 40,000 discounts and benefits in over 120 countries worldwide to

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