Romance in the Dorms

Living in a residence hall for the school year often leads to the formation of romantic relationships. Here’s a guide on how to navigate these intimate connections while sharing a dorm room.

RESPECT EACH OTHER’S SPACE (and their roommates)

While the proximity to your partner can be delightful, it’s crucial to acknowledge each other’s individuality. Regular communication about schedules and establishing ground rules, such as appropriate times to be in each other’s rooms, is essential.

Speaking of ground rules, consider roommates. Unless you both have single dorm rooms, remember there are others sharing the space. Always be mindful of their presence and avoid coming over unannounced or overstaying your welcome. Building a good relationship with your partner’s roommate is a positive step. If your partner’s roommate is present and your partner is not, avoid making yourself at home unless expressly approved by both parties.


Privacy is a precious commodity in shared residence hall spaces. If you and your partner plan to be intimate, communicate with your roommate about having the room to yourselves. Alternatively, consider booking a hotel room for added privacy.

While the thrill of spontaneous encounters is appealing, engaging in intimate activities in public dorm spaces may lead to disciplinary action and create discomfort for others. Always remember that shared spaces deserve respect, and not everyone may be comfortable with such actions.