Dorm Room Etiquette Part 2

In part one, we discussed the rules to engage someone in their room just by looking at the door. For this week, we are going to explore the topic of community restroom etiquette. 

Residence halls bathroom layouts vary by campuses, but the most common one you’ll find are community bathrooms, with are one big restroom for that wing, a joined bathroom, which ties two rooms together, or a bathroom in each room, which are extremely rare. 

Whatever the layout is, you’ll be sharing a bathroom with people. For the community bathrooms, there’s typically a custodian that cleans the restroom every day. The proper etiquette is for everyone to leave as little of a mess as possible, just to give the custodian a much easier job to do, because they have to clean multiple bathrooms a day, and lastly acknowledge and give thanks to that person.

Lastly, just be of respectful of people’s privacy and space. Some might transition quicker, and some might take a while to get used to living in a space with multiple people. Until everyone finds that comfort zone, don’t do anything that would cause a rift in the community space.