Spring Semester Cleaning

For those of you that began classes this past week—welcome back to school! Your dorm room probably misses you after a much-needed winter break, and all that time away  likely means dust collected in your absence. It’s time to dust things off and take this opportunity to lighten up your load. It’s the perfect time to make some extra room for spring semester, and to keep you ahead of the game for when the move out process comes at the end of the semester. 

Want our advice? Keep what you have to (such as personal mementos, photos, and anything else to make you feel at home), but put aside the things you don’t need. You wouldn’t believe how many random shirts I’d accumulated from events I’d attended. Out of like 20, I probably only wore 2 of them at the most. That was precious drawer or hanger space that was wasted. 

Donate to Goodwill or store your stuff with us (small plugin)- these will be your best two solutions. With Dorm Room Movers, we can store your stuff until you’re ready to have them back again. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on all the exciting new things that spring semester has in store for you. Good luck!