Welcome to Finals

Here we are at the end of the semester.  There’s just one thing left to take care of before heading home for winter break – final exams.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for you to help you survive those first finals of your college endeavor. 

  • Sleep: Get plenty of rest, so your brain can process all the information it needs to ace those exams. Plus, if you get some sleep, you won’t look like a total gremlin. 
  • Study: Stick to a strict study schedule. You’ve partied all semester long after all. Plus, you’ll have several weeks of relaxation to look forward to after finals are over, so it’s a fair trade.  
  • Clarify: Go to office hours if you’re not understanding a particular topic. 
  • Eat: Set yourself up for proper nutrition, not cheap ramen. While inexpensive food is great, it won’t serve you in the long run. You need brain food for study fuel!
  • Tune Out the noise: Turn off social media and Netflix. Yeah, we know they’re great for relaxation after a long study session, but it’s so easy to lose yourself into the social media rabbit hole or “accidentally” stay up all night binging a new Netflix show. 

Finals will surely be a test of endurance, but you’ll get right through it. After your first set of final exams are over, this process will become relatively easier as you move on in your academics. Okay, maybe not easy as in the test will be easy, but things will definitely get easier once  you get to know yourself well enough to best prepare for finals in the future. We hope our final exam survival tips serve you well. Good luck everyone!